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Thursday, May 20, 2010


We want to say thank you to everyone for their outpouring of support for us with our endeavor. There's a lot of love, we never expected as much response as we have gotten. And to reciprocate, we want to have a beer with you.

On Saturday, June 19th, I will be holding a fundraiser for Driving Blind in the back bar at RFD, 810 7th St NW, very close to the GalleryPlace Metro Stop, here in DC. This place has 30 beers on Tap, and over 300 more in bottles and cans, just clap your hands. We'll be going all night long starting at 7pm -close. There will be LIVE music from local bands, and a silent auction of goods and services. (I've learned from the best in town about fundraising, thanks WIT). We have some great contributions to the auctions already; Cooking Lessons, Personally Embroidered Objects, Guest Interviewer on Sports Website, A Mystery Box of Stuff from Justin's Past (Lovingly put together by my Mum), Gift Certificates, but we need more. And that is where you come in!

The more items we have, whether goods or services, the more money we can raise. Maybe it's a night of Karaoke, or a videogame or movie marathon, complete with themed foods. Maybe you own a business and want to donate something you sell or offer up gift certicates, or you know someone who can offer a really cool tour of the Ghosts of DC, or you own a venue and well give a night to come and party. I want to see you shine!

On the night, we will have all of the auction items displayed so that all of the people attending can bid on them. No idea is crazy, because this is in the spirit of giving and support. One idea I have is I will be auctioning off a "ride along" for the film; we will take a photo of you and get a full size cut out of it and take it with us on the trip and take pictures with it along the way!

So what I need from you is:

- Your auction item idea
- A brief description
- A picture (to help upsell you item. this can come later)

Any questions, please let me know, and don't forget

Saturday June 19th
RFD - Back Bar 810 7th St NW
7pm - Close

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Save the Date DCitizens!

06/19/10. Put this in your calendars, ladies and gents. More to come in the next few days!


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tod is the man behind this bad boy! Tell us what you think. Can you see this on T-shirts, coffee mugs, onesies, and ladies' undergarments?

Ever closer

Tod had a sit down, in person, meeting with our potential videographer, Brian, yesterday. And I got a chatty, giddy school girl message from my brother after they had finished the meeting. Apparently, things had gone well for them. Brian is quite the professional, you can check out some of his stuff here, and he has been a boon for both my brother and I, because as I said before, we have little no idea what we are doing. Brian has asked a lot of questions and made suggestions for possible answers to things we had not even thought about yet, which is good, because we need some professionalism on this project.

We just have to figure out some financial issues first, before we can be 100% set with Brian. One pro for Brian, he comes with an additional person, to be our in trip audio mixer. That is kinda cool.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's hard to keep writing when you feel like you are not making any headway, and you feel like you have little to nothing to write about. When you feel like you are drowning in a sea of 'way out of your league.' But that is when your friends appear, a light on the horizon to help you carry your burden.

This past weekend, while producing the Up The Creek Improv Camp in Long Island City at the Creek, I started to freak out about the sheer immensity of our project and what we need to do to get it ready to go, and how we have NO idea what we are doing. My partner in producing the festival, and one of my oldest friends, Rebecca Trent, who happens to own the aforementioned Creek, stepped in to take part in the pre-production aspects of our trip. She is stepping into a Production Manager role, for lack of a better term. She would be the Stage Manager if this were a theatrical production. She has taken over a lot of the paperwork side of the project, working with Tod and I to put together a Doc Bible, which would help us to maintain focus once we get on the road. Dot Johnson, who is our Line Producer (previously I named her Production Manager, but Tod corrected me on that) had been telling us we needed to build the Doc Bible too. So it seemed kismet, and I trust Rebecca as much as I trust the other people already involved. She is a HUGE supporter of us, and wants us to succeed in this project. So she has shouldered the larger aspect and told me the small things that I need to get her so that she can build the bigger picture. Which I think works for me, because I can work on this small thing and focus intently on it, and not get overwhelmed.

My first small task is to reach out to corporate sponsors, and try to raise $10K by June 30th. Which seems like a BIG task, but not when you pile that one task onto all the other things we also need to do. If you know of any corporations that are known for their philanthropy, please tell us. I would love your creative ideas. Here are some I have come up with for starters -

* Coca-Cola (My brother loves Diet Coke, and I am a somewhat recovering addict of it)
* Netflix (Super Movie Nerds Here)
* Flip Cameras
* Apple (We both have and love our iPhones)
* Clif Bars (We'll need road/camping food)
* GUS Cola
* Kashi
* Cafe Press
* Zazzle
* Threadless

I will begin reaching out to these and many other corporations to try and get help. Hopefully some of these will pay off.