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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whoop Ass

Also, my parents, whom many of you met last night, said that some of you thought that the Can of Whoop Ass was going to be in the raffle. Sorry, I wasn't made aware of that. If you want it, let me know and it's yours!

Fundraiser - Mission Accomplished

(Cue Lalo Schifrin music)

Last night's Fundraiser was a huge success! We had about 150 people show up over the course of the night to take part in an awesome night of suds, songs, and support. Firstly I would like to thank Lynda Laughlin, who I would be lost without. She made this fundraiser what it was. The ultimate taskmaster and fire under butt lighter. She helped to forge all that was last night. Next, our awesome PA guy, Matthew Yeatman. Thanks for being there to make those bands sound even more amazing than they already did. And the bands; extra special thanks to Malin Nilsson, Twins of Gazelle, Mittenfield, The Blackberry Belles, and Maple for rocking us so hard that I am now blind AND deaf. :) And an extra big thank you to RFD's and the staff of last night; Danny, Matt, Don, Roberto, Mike, Ryan, and Steven the Doorman Extraordinaire. I hoped you all tipped them well, because they deserved it.

All together over the night, we raised over THREE THOUSAND dollars to help get us around the states this summer. Our silent auction was a pretty big success; some of our top items - The Ride Along with Driving Blind brought in $300, Make your Movie a Reality brought in $200, and the Session of Classes with Washington Improv Theater brought in $170.

Again I just want to say thank you all so much for the support and love you showed. Oh yeah, and there was Booby Ca

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fundraiser Updates

We are just a couple days away from the first fundraiser and we have a lot of great stuff to let you know.

First, our Silent Auction. Thank you to all who have contributed goods and services. to help entice the rest of you to come out, here is a list of what will be auctioned off on Saturday night.

1 Hour Beginning Fiddle Lesson
1+ Hour Breakdance Tutorial with Mark Pagan
2 Hours Professional Event Videography Services.
Baked Goods from the Kitchen of Molly Murchie
Cook Books Signed by authors
Dim Sum Adventure with Two Local Foodies
Errand and Chauffeur Service from DMG!
Fantasy Football Draft Consult
Fiery death pods, lovingly known as Ghost Chilis.
Free Place to Stay in Chicago
Hoity-Toity Snooty-Butt Evening of Poetry and Whatnot from Shawn Westfall
Improv Books Signed By Charna Halpern
Make your Movie a Reality
Mehendi (That’s henna for us honkies)
Mystery History Box of Justin and Tod’s Life
Mystery Science Theater Justin Purvis
National Geographic Safari
On Location Portrait Session with a 11x14 print.
Pancake Breakfast with the Purvis Boys
Personalized Embroidering
Private “iCabaret” Performance from the Talented Players of iMusical
Private Tour of Flying Dog Brewery
Private Yoga/Yoga Therapy/Craniosacral Session
Ride Along with Driving Blind
Save the Date and Formal Invitation Suite
Session of Classes at Washington Improv Theater
Specialty Cake of any size and shape (Sexy Cakes) by Maggie Dempsey
Survive ‘The Room’ With Justin Purvis

The Silent Auction will be open from the start of the night at 7pm and will end at 10:30pm. And the winners will be announced after the bands have finished performing.

We also have a lot of prizes to give away, including Gift Certificates to restaurants and theaters. You receive your first ticket for the give away when you pay the $10 cover to get in, but you can buy more through out the night. 1 ticket is $5, but you can get 3 for $10.

We also have great drink specials for the night - $3 Flying Dog Drafts and $4 Stoli drinks all night.

Hope to see all of your smiling faces there on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fifth Band Named

Previously on Driving Blind -

"Representing both Charm and Chocolate City, please welcome a band that has yet to be named or interwebbed, but I have dubbed it Saladbar Dolly.I made that name up. I think it's clever. Gold Star, Justin."

As much as both the band and I love Saladbar Dolly as a band name, they went with one of their own invention, please give it up for The Blackberry Belles.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fundraiser Updates

We are two weeks out from our DC fundraiser, and we have our band locked for the night. Actually we have FIVE bands that will be playing the night! SUPER CRAZY I KNOW! Big thank you to Lynda for spearheading this part, she's a real trooper!

Thank you to all of the bands for giving us their time and abilities to help a good cause! Please allow me to introduce to you some of the entertain, in no particular order -

All the way from Arlington, VA, bringing the mad alterni-pendent rock, please welcome Maple.

Minimalist Ambi-Popping Chocolate City a new one, give it up for Mittenfields.

Helping heal DC with Minimalist Easy-Pop, hug it out with Twins of Gazelle.

Representing both Charm and Chocolate City, please welcome a band that has yet to be named or interwebbed, but I have dubbed it Saladbar Dolly.
I made that name up. I think it's clever. Gold Star, Justin.

And last but not least, winning the award for longest distance traveled to kick blindness' booty, all the way from from Uppsala, Sweden, bringing Folk-oustic Pop, to your brain boxes, Malin Nilsson.

I am superjazzed to have all these bands performing. this is going to be a night to remember.

Also, we have set the Cover charge for the night - $10. $10 to see Five Bands, get great Drink Specials, and Party for a Good Cause, unreal right? What is this, the Matrix?!?!

Ten bucks gets you in, but that is not all. With that ten dollar cover, you will get a raffle ticket for the end of the night, where we will be giving away lots of fun things. you will be able to purchase additional raffle tickets throughout the night. This is in addition to the Silent Auction that will be happening all night long.

Speaking of, we have some great Auction Items for the night, but we need more. If you have some weird and wonderful talent that you want to teach the world. Or you have a passion for something wacky and want to indoctrinate someone new into it, offer it up. Together we can achieve great things!

Hope to see you at the Fundraiser.