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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Get to know the cast: Justin

This is a recording from the Stand Up Comedy class that i took back in March/April of this year. Proving once again, we do serve a purpose - your amusement! Enjoy

New and Improved, the Driving Blind Route

We have had a lot of ups and downs with this project, but we are still all systems go. We ran into a snag with our second set of dates when our director, Bryan, found out he was stuck in his contract for the TV show he is working on through August. But we talked it out and realized we could move it to September fairly easy. Without any further ado, I give you the route for Driving Blind.

Day 1 – Sep 7 2010: Washington DC to Long Island City NY.
- Taking the Ferry from Lewes DE to Cape May NJ.
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and our trip at the Creek in LIC. http://www.creeklic.com/

Day 2 – Sep 8 2010: Long Island City NY to New Haven CN.
- Stopping to see Raymondskill Falls in PA
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and trip in New Haven CT

Day 3 – Sep 9 2010: New Haven CN to Peru ME.
- Stopping off to play in a Cranberry Bog in Massachusetts.
- Hitting West Quoddy Head, ME - Easternmost point of the contiguous US

Day 4 – Sep 10 2010: Peru ME to Rochester/Buffalo NY.

Day 5 – Sep 11 2010: Rochester NY to Dryden MI.
- Visiting Niagara Falls, maybe snag some Poutine.
- Hanging in Dryden with Deena and her three sons, who also have CHM. They are musicians (sweet, sweet metal

Day 6 – Sep 12 2010: Dryden MI to Chicago IL.
- Visiting Gary Indiana. Tod and I both got our start in theater in The Music Man. And Gary IN is VERY important to the play.
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and trip at someplace awesome that one of you might suggest!

Day 7 – Sep 13 2010: Chicago IL to Fargo ND.
- Hitting Northwest Angle MN – Northernmost point of contiguous US

Day 8 – Sep 14 2010: Fargo ND to Mount Rushmore SD.
- Seeing Corn Palace, SD and Bismarck ND.
- Camping out at Rushmore

Day 9 + 10 – Sep 15 - 16 2010: Mount Rushmore SD to Yellowstone National Park.
- More Camping Out

Day 11 – Sep 17 2010: Yellowstone NP WY to Glacier NP MT.
- This is the part where we truly awe ourselves with the beauty of America.
- Even more Camping Out

Day 12 – Sep 18 2010: Glacier NP MT to Omak WA.
- Checking out Grand Coulee Dam.

Day 13 – Sep 19 2010: Omak WA to Seattle WA.
- Cape Alva, WA - Westernmost point of the contiguous US

Day 14 – Sep 20 2010: Seattle WA to Sandy OR.
- Visiting Mount St Helens and Timberline Lodge (From the Shining)

Day 15 – Sep 21 2010: Sandy OR to Crater Lake, OR.
- Visiting Multnomah Falls, Haystack Rock (from the Goonies) and Clear Lake.
- Camping Out

Day 16 – Sep 22 2010: Crater Lake, OR to Tracy CA.
- Stopping in Citrus Heights to visit a CHMer who owns a restaurant.

Day 17 – Sep 23 2010: Tracy CA to Los Angeles CA.
- Stopping by Sequoia National Park .
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and our trip at the sweet location still to be determined

Day 18 – Sep 24 2010: Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
- Visiting Death Valley and Area 51 (hopefully).

Day 19 – Sep 25 2010: Las Vegas to Eagar AZ.
- Visiting Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest.

Day 20 – Sep 26 2010: Eagar AZ to Roswell NM.
- Stopping by White Sands NM.

Day 21 – Sep 27 2010: Roswell NM to San Angelo TX.
- Going to try Carlsbad Caverns.

Day 22 – Sep 28 2010: San Angelo TX to Austin TX.
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and our trip at the another location TBD

Day 23 – Sep 29 2010: Austin TX to New Orleans LA.

Day 24 – Sep 30 2010: New Orleans LA to Gulf Shores AL.
- Stopping in Purvis MS.

Day 25 – Oct 1 2010: Gulf Shores AL to Sarasota FL.

Day 26 – Oct 2 2010: Sarasota FL to Key West FL.
- Southernmost tip of America. On a clear day, you can see Cuba

Day 27 – Oct 3 2010: Key West FL to Savannah GA.

Day 28 – Oct 4 2010: Savannah GA to Augusta GA.
- Big Barbecue at the Purvis Homestead. Come on out!

Day 29 – Oct 5 2010: Augusta GA to Washington DC
- Welcome Back, Kotter party at the Comedy Spot when we get back in town.

Now, as with all good improvisers, there is a sense of play with our schedule. We might be caught by the beauty of a double rainbow and have to pull over and cry, or we may get caught in a chocolate rain. We have left a little wiggle room in all of the days to make sure we get everything we need to make this experience the most wonderful thing.

And we would love it if, when we get near your town, if you would come out and hang with us. Whether it's dinner at the local watering hole, or a home cooked meal. We want to build a sense of national community. I mean, isn't that what this is all about?

Crew Announced!!!!!! Director: Brian James Griffo

Brian James Griffo:Director. Editor. Filmmaker. Perfect Karma Productions Founder.

Since 2001 Brian has been refining his skills as a filmmaker. He directed "Ask her to Dance" an abstract film about travelling in Thailand. It premiered at Hallwalls art gallery in Buffalo, N.Y. and at The Burning Man Project in 2006. He more recently shot and directed "Wonderlust" in Europe in 2009 which is slated for an early 2011 release. Brian formed Perfect Karma Productions in 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Since the company's formation a state of the art edit bay has been built and Perfect Karma has embraced DSLR film making. Brian has been a camera department ninja and all around grease man for such network prime time shows as NBC's, "The Biggest Loser", ABC's "The Bachelor" and Fox's new primetime hit, "Master Chef" with Gordon Ramsey. In addition to these projects Brian has worked on an array of shows for cable networks such as MTV, VH1, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Court TV, Bravo, ESPN, Animal Planet. In 2008 Brian shot and directed a webisode series for Vimby entitled "Punk Off!" which enjoyed over a quarter million viewers. Brian looks forward to directing and editing his first major feature film documentary this year, entitled, "Driving Blind."

Brian James Griffo was born into the small town of Boston, N.Y. in 1983.Growing up near cornfields and woods 30 miles south of Buffalo, N.Y. childhood was peaceful, if not quiet. The early years were filled with spending time in the woods, lying in the silence of snow, wood fires, drawing, painting, reading, and learning. Having a mother that worked as a make-up artist allowed Brian to grow up in the film industry, helping camera, working off the G&E truck or getting a director coffee. It was this background that propelled Brian and best friend Ryan Detzel to relocate to Los Angeles years later.


It's funny all the early things that will influence your life in later years, but I can connect all of these roots to the branches that life has grown. Reading counter-culture books from the 60's, having a collection of vinyl records, having the freedom as a teenager to travel, my mom being a make-up artist, taking care of my blind uncle Daniel, these things all made me the type of person to make a film like Driving Blind.


Travel has been an absolute passion. Ryan and I took a leap of faith in 2005 and traveled to South East Asia (Thailand/Laos) after the devastating Tsunami to make a film (Ask Her to Dance) and I fell in love with that type of budget travel. There is openness to being in a far-fetched region for an extended period of time. The two months spent there was enough to convince me to go back and live out the rest of the year, teach English, travel, continue shooting. There was film school in Phoenix, a social science degree gained at a small community school in NY, and a semester at Harvard studying psychology and politics, but academics was traded for a move to Los Angeles, and a career in film/television.


This feels right, balancing freelance work with independent projects, making time to travel, live life, and be driven creatively. I feel a great sense of appreciation everyday for what I have. It can vanish at any second, and it is just really fortunate to be born into this life at this time on this earth. It could have been different. I could have been a small plant a Panda bear ate for lunch, or thinner space dust perhaps. Hopefully I can make this combination of molecules count, make art and film that touches someone, somehow.

Crew Announced!! Director of Photography: Ryan Detzel

Ryan originally took an interest in camera for the opportunity to travel the world, and to work in an environment that proved to be challenging but uplifting at the same time. He has had the opportunity to work creatively in camera beside the names of many talented professionals such as Steven Spielberg’s DP Janusz Kaminski in addition to Eric Gautier, DP of the film “Into The Wild”. In the film community I have also had the pleasure of working with academy award winning Philip Seymour Hoffman and the critically acclaimed director of “American History X,” Tony Kaye. It has been just over ten years now since he first walked on to a set, and as Ryan recalls, he spilled his coffee on the director of a local supermarket commercial to start his career.

Over the past ten years he has refined the talent for telling a story. Ryan possess the foresight and aptitude to deliver media materials on time and in fashion. Working under talented Directors of Photography from networks like NBC, ABC, VH-1, and Discovery amongst others, has taught Ryan the invaluable use of proper light with camera in the field and on set. In a multi-cam environment he has received unparalleled experience cross shooting for the likes of several different reality series. Whether Ryan is shooting video for a low budget film or a million dollar aerial unit, he is always calm and confident about his work. Ryan now splits his time between Los Angeles, CA and Bradenton, FL. He is a proud father of two and a devout Christian.

Ryan Detzel and Driving Blind director Brian James Griffo have been close friends from youth and co-directed, "Ask Her to Dance" in Thailand in 2005. Ryan looks forward to building on past momentum with Brian and making and incredible image harmonize with an incredible story. Driving Blind will be Ryan's debut as a feature film director of photography.

Crew Announced!! Sound Recordist/Digital Media Supervisor: Adam Buckley

Adam has excelled in both computer math and actuarial studies. He joined Perfect Karma in early 2010 and collaborated on both Elyete's most recent music video, "Blown" and Brian Bell's concert DVD filmed at the Key Club in Hollywood. Adam will be recording sound on the Driving Blind documentary as well as managing media from the Canon DSLR's. Adam is a valuable asset as well as a constant source of comic relief.