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Thursday, August 26, 2010


As many of you know we will be having shows while we are on the road to help raise awareness and funds for the film and the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

One of the many places where we have landed a show is in Chicago. When we get to Chicago on September 13th, we will be hosting a show at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy. there will be more info on this coming soon, including time and price, and groups performing.

Keep an eye out for the invite and we'll see you there, to laugh and drink and take your money! The more friends you bring, the less money we want from you.

And doesn't Danielle look so pretty as Vanna White!

First Article!

We're featured in the LA Daily News today!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Saturday marked the debut of our first promo material, our official Driving Blind T-Shirts. Show your support visibly!

And give it up for our Darcy, our Driving Blind model!

We will have these shirts with us on the road, so you can pick one up. Or if you can't wait that long, let me know, we can get something worked out.

Thanks for the LA love!

Many thanks to all of the performers and people who came out to the Fundraiser at the Moose Lodge on Saturday night. Tod is still rolling around on the cash for a bit before he counts it and we get it deposited.

Here are some pics from the night

We Lost our Lady

Sad news everyone, Michele Barone, our Coordinating Producer and only lady on the trip, has had t step out of the project. But it's not because of some emergency, or personal thing, she got a wonderful opportunity to stay longer in India with the project she is currently working on.

We wish her the best on the project. But, now, ladies, we need a mother figure on the road. Someone to keep us from devolving into cavemen.

Swedish Bikini Teams accepted.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Radio Interview

Listen this morning 8:20 AM PDT, as Tod stumbles through his first radio interview, on THE LOS ANGELES RADIO READING SERVICE.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We got preempted by a Spanish program for our interview on "AccessUnlimited," KPFK 90.7 FM. They are working on rescheduling, but we do have another interview lined up for Thursday. More info to come.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey everyone in the Southern Ca area, listen in tomorrow (Tuesday 8/18) 2:00-3:00 PM PDT 5:00 -6:00 PM EST on "AccessUnlimited," KPFK 90.7 FM, our first radio interview!!!!
Thanks Jolie, Jody and Louise!!!!

Good Bye LA... Hello Driving Blind Comedy Extravaganza!

Another great night for a great cause! Hope to "see" you there. HHEHEHEHEHEEE (Blind Joke)

Comics! Comics! Comics!
$20 at the door (We have to split it with the lodge) gets you a drink and all the blind jokes you can handle!!!
Oh yeah... We'll have the long awaited Driving Blind official T Shirts!!! Snacks/
hors d'oeuvres will be served. And LIVE MUSIC!!! So if you're so inclined bring them dancing shoes!!!!
Some of our performers:
Raj Desai
Jeff Foster
Ed Galvez
Asterios Kokkinos
Andrea J. Loney
Alex Mesrobian
Chris Putro
Charlie Qualls
Vance Sanders
John Vargas
David Venhuizen
Jake West
Joselyn Hughes

August 21 at 8:00pm - August 22 at 12:00am

Burbank Moose Lodge
1901 West Burbank Blvd 91506
Burbank, CA

More info at our Facebook page

Friday, August 13, 2010

Final Route, and only 3.5 weeks before we start!

We finally were able to settle on the route. Many of the places have stayed the same, and we have added a couple stops along the way, and we have had to 86 a few as well. It was a sad necessity.

Day 1 – Sep 7 2010: Washington DC to Long Island City NY.
- Taking the Ferry from Lewes DE to Cape May NJ.
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and our trip at the Creek in LIC. http://www.creeklic.com/

Day 2 – Sep 8 2010: Long Island City NY to New Haven CT
- Stopping to see Raymondskill Falls in PA
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and trip in New Haven CT

Day 3 – Sep 9 2010: New Haven CT to Peru ME
- Stopping off to play in a Cranberry Bog in Massachusetts.

Day 4 – Sep 10 2010: Peru ME to Syracuse NY

Day 5 – Sep 11 2010: Syracuse NY to Cleveland OH
- Visiting Niagara Falls, maybe snag some Poutine.

Day 6 – Sep 12 2010: Cleveland OH to Dryden MI
- Hanging in Dryden with Deena and her three sons, who also have CHM. They are musicians (sweet, sweet metal

Day 7 – Sep 13 2010: Dryden MI to Chicago IL
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and trip at Chemically Imbalanced Theater. http://www.cicomedy.com/

Day 8 – Sep 14 2010: Chicago IL to Minneapolis MN

Day 9 – Sep 15 2010: Minneapolis MN to Fargo ND

Day 10 – Sep 16 2010: Fargo ND to Mitchell SD
- Seeing Corn Palace, SD

Day 11 – Sept 17 2010: Mitchell SD to Mount Rushmore SD
- Camping out at Rushmore

Day 12 – Sep 18 2010: Mount Rushmore SD to Cody WY

Day 13 – Sep 19 2010: Cody WY to Grand Teton National Park WY

Day 14 – Sep 20 2010: Grand Teton NP WY to Lewistown MT

Day 15 – Sep 21 2010: Lewistown MT to Glacier National Park
- This is the part where we truly awe ourselves with the beauty of America.
- Even more Camping Out

Day 16 – Sep 22 2010: Glacier NP MT to Omak WA
- Checking out Grand Coulee Dam.

Day 17 – Sep 23 2010: Omak WA to White Salmon WA

Day 18 – Sep 24 2010: White Salmon WA to Clear Lake OR
- Visiting Mount St Helens and Haystack Rock (from the Goonies)

Day 19 – Sep 25 2010: Clear Lake OR to Crater Lake, OR
- Camping Out

Day 20 – Sep 26 2010: Crater Lake, OR to Tracy CA
- Stopping in Colfax to visit a CHMer who owns a restaurant. http://www.colfaxmax.com/

Day 21 – Sep 27 2010: Tracy CA to Los Angeles CA
- Travelling down Pacific Coast Highway
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and our trip at the sweet location still to be determined

Day 22 – Sep 28 2010: Los Angeles to Las Vegas NV

Day 23 – Sep 29 2010: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon AZ

Day 24 – Sep 30 2010: Grand Canyon AZ to Tucson AZ

Day 25 – Oct 1 2010: Tucson AZ to White Sands NM

Day 26 – Oct 2 2010: White Sands NM to Carlsbad Caverns NM

Day 27 – Oct 3 2010: Carlsbad Caverns NM to Fredericksburg TX
- Going to try Carlsbad Caverns.

Day 28 – Oct 4 2010: Fredericksburg TX to Austin TX
- Attending a fundraiser for our cause and our trip at the another location TBD

Day 29 – Oct 5 2010: Austin TX to Sulphur LA

Day 30 – Oct 6 2010: Sulphur LA to New Orleans LA

Day 31 – Oct 7 2010: New Orleans LA to Gulf Shores AL
- Stopping in Purvis MS.

Day 32 – Oct 8 2010: Gulf Shores AL to Ocala FL

Day 33 – Oct 9 2010: Ocala FL to Key West FL
- Southernmost tip of America. On a clear day, you can see Cuba

Day 34 – Oct 10 2010: Key West FL to Daytona Beach FL

Day 35 – Oct 11 2010: Daytona Beach FL to Augusta GA.
- Big Barbecue at the Purvis Homestead. Come on out!

Day 36 – Oct 12 2010: Augusta GA to Raleigh NC

Day 37 – Oct 13 2010: Raleigh NC to Washington DC
- Welcome Back, Kotter party at the Comedy Spot when we get back in town.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still Looking for lodging, New places added!

Well, we are exactly four weeks out from the trip, and while we have a lot of our trip ready to go, we still have a lot more to secure. One of the things we discussed and decided, for safety of the cast and crew and film quality in general, is to decrease the amount of travelling we do on a given day. this way we are not just rushing from point to point and not being able to truly take in everything and really get the most from the trip.

What does this mean? Well, means about 9 more days added to the total trip, and we are going to have to try and shift some of our lodging accommodations (fingers crossed). Also, this means that we have a couple of new places that we will be stopping, and we need your help to secure some lodging while we are there. Below is a list of the new places (and some old) where we are looking for someone nearby.

Raleigh NC
Daytona Beach FL
Ocala FL
Austin TX
Fredericksburg TX
Carlsbad Caverns NM
White Sands NM
Benson AZ
Grand Canyon AZ
Lewistown MT
Cody WY
Mitchell SD
Fargo ND
Minneapolis MN
Cleveland OH
Syracuse NY

If you know some near any of these places and they might be up for putting up 6 strays for a night, that would be supermurgitroid!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crew Announced!!!!!! Coordinating Producer: Michele Barone

Michele Barone - I am a dynamic and well-regarded film, video and documentary producer offering substantial international experience in supervising large-budget projects from development to completion.

Flexible and willing to travel to domestic and global sets/locations on short notice, I am a highly knowledgeable and confident individual with proven history of meeting challenging deadlines within budgetary limitations. I remain calm and organized in high-pressure, fast-paced environments.

As an effective communicator I am skilled in overcoming obstacles and reaching critical goals through persistence.

I am a creative problem-solver known as a “go to” professional with outstanding project management and organizational skills.